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Tough challenges and competition are nothing new to successful businesses. Today, organizations and leaders are competing more then ever before to attract, retain, engage and develop their talent. Ask yourself - how much disruption, time and money did it cost you to replace and retrain the last key person to leave your team? There are ways to meaningfully engage your key talent and avoid this kind of loss.

Cathy Buffini is one of the most experienced HR professionals and consultants in Ireland. Cathy specialises in Talent Management and Leadership Coaching, and has successfully partnered “from the inside” with business leaders of Irish and multinational organizations for many years. Your company can benefit from Cathy's knowledge and experience in the market, helping you with powerful but pragmatic leading-edge insights and expertise in the following areas: Talent Management , Coaching, General HR Consulting


The ‘Leadership Space’ provides leaders with the opportunity to achieve a perspective on the complexities of their leadership context and dilemmas. It’s a reflective opportunity to step back and re-focus on their core leadership mission – and to identify and develop positive leadership strategies. Find out more about this workshop here.


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Talent Management with Cathy Buffini

Talent Management

A positive talent brand, and pro-active talent strategies help companies attract the best, and stay ahead. Top companies know what skills and expertise they need for their future success, and they work hard to engage and retain their people.
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Coaching with Cathy Buffini


The contribution of every member of your team is key to your success. Your business world is changing rapidly, and you, and the talented people around you, need to adapt with it. What’s required is an increasingly agile and innovative response and an equally dynamic and real-time way to learn and develop. Find out how Cathy Buffini can help you with coaching.

Coaching with Cathy Buffini

HR Consulting

Whatever your business is going through be it major growth, internal transformation, an acquisition, or restructuring, Cathy Buffini brings you several years of strategic and practical experience in a wide range of senior HR roles and business environments. Click here to find out how your business can benefit from HR Consulting with Cathy.